Dear friends

Here is a list of  » my  » twelve Greenpeace’s ships. Over a period of 38 years, I had the privilege to take pictures for Greenpeace in various locations around the world. My playlist is around 180 assignments long in 37 different countries. My photo mission could be on land, but quite often, I was at sea, on Greenpeace vessels… A dive into my archives just produced a collection of 12 pictures of boats on which I have stayed for a few hours… or lived for a few months! Enjoy. From top left: Arctic Sunrise, Beluga, Cedarlea, Esperanza, Moby Dick, M.V. Greenpeace, Rainbow Warrior 1, Rainbow Warrior 2, Rainbow C, Sirius, Solo, Vega. For french readers, more details in my book  » Rainbow Warrior mon Amour « , Glénat 201