Big introspective day for many of us while a ceremony for Jonathan Castle is held in Plymouth, UK.

O Capitan ! My Capitan ! Jon called me four days before he died to inform me that he was not well. I naively thought I had time when I told him I was going to pay him a visit in the coming weeks… At least, I had the opportunity to tell him that I loved him and that he was our hero.

We have lost a light house and for me there will be a before and an after January 2018…

This march 1980 picture shows our Master mariner in his element on board the Rainbow Warrior One with some of the crew. It was a go go go team, so they were not much discussions about whether we should do an action or not. The debate would usually be limited to ‘what time do we lift anchor’ and ‘what time do we launch the inflatables ? ‘ Doing crazy things on the water and always bringing everybody safely back home is what Jon did again and again.

He had a very low voice, which he managed to turn into an advantage. On the five Greenpeace ships I had the privilege to sail with him, I always witnessed the same scenes : when he was speaking, everybody would shut up to listen !!!

From left, Athel von Koettlitz, Peter Wilkinson, Tony Marriner, Jon Castle and Martini Gotje